Vicky Bradford
Vicky Bradford
Vicky Bradford (Mary Cadorette) is Jack's flight attendant girlfriend who moves in with him in the room above Jack's Bistro in the eighth and final season of "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height 5'6"
Born: Victoria Bradford in San Francisco
Airline flight attendant
Related to: James Bradford (father)
Claudia Bradford (mother)
Girlfriend of Jack Tripper
Character information
Episodes appeared in: last three episodes of Three's Company series (Season 8)
24 episodes of Three's a Crowd
Character played by: Mary Cadorette
Three's Company Script

Vicky Bradford is a lovely young stewardess who meets Jack on a flight back from San Francisco in Season 8 of Three's Company in the episode titled "Cupid Works Overtime". The character of Vicky, who would be spun off into the continuation series Three's a Crowd, was played by actress Mary Cadorette.  

About Vicky

Jack, who was terrified of airplane flights, reluctantly goes to a Chefs' Convention in the Bay Area. Upon the return flight to L.A., he meets Vicky, who had just gotten over a breakup with a previous boyfriend, she then strikes up a conversation with the nervous Jack. After they get trapped in the bathroom stall on the flight from San Francisco to L.A. they hit it off well; Jack then invites Vicky to Jack's Bistro, but Vicky's wealthy, but meddlesome and overprotective father James Bradford follows her.

In spite of James's spoiling of their dinner date at the bistro, Jack and Vicky quickly fall for each other, but James does not approve of the relationship. When first aired, this episode ended with the words "To be continued... next fall," and when rerun late in the summer, this was changed to "To be continued... next week." The last episode of Three's Company, "Friends and Lovers", Parts 1 & 2 aired as an hour-long special that kicked off the 1984-85 fall television season and set up the premise for Three's a Crowd, which had the meddling father James purchasing the land which Jack's Bistro stands on from Frank Angelino, and had the new lovebirds Jack and Vicky moving into the room just above the restaurant.