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Fremont Tripper
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Don Porter appears as Uncle Fremont, a playboy type who has a penchant for writing bad checks in the "Three's Company" episode titled "Jack's Uncle" in Season 2.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Related to: Jack Tripper, Lee Tripper (nephews)
Jack Tripper, Sr. (brother)
Mrs. Jack Tripper, Sr. (sister in-law)
Grandpa Tripper (brother. presumably, based on both actors ages)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company appearance in "Jack's Uncle" in Season 2
Character played by: Don Porter
Three's Company Script.png

Uncle Fremont Tripper arrives for a visit a a time when Jack struggles to come up with his share of the rent. A real charmer, Fremont thoroughly charms Chrissy and Janet, but Jack warns them not to be too charmed because Uncle Fremont has a habit of buying gifts for people with bad checks. No sooner does he reveal this problem then Roper shows up demanding the rent, and Fremont cavalierly dashes off a check for $100.00.

The desperate Jack, along with the roommates, try to retrieve the check by sneaking into the Ropers' apartment while Mr. Roper is asleep on the couch but Jack gets caught in the act. Meanwhile, In a ploy to retreive the bad check himself (also at the behest of Jack) Fremont charms Mrs. Roper, telling her a claim about his talent for investing, so Mrs. Roper convinces Stanley he should invest too; all he needs is $100.00 to buy into Fremont's latest scheme. Roper gives Fremont the check. Since Jack is still mad, Fremont decides to leave before he wears out his welcome, but when a wealthy lady whom he had been seeing (Shirley Mitchell) offers him marriage and security, the erstwhile playboy Fremont opts for his freedom, leaving her and the roommates with a hearty "Vaya Con Dios!" 

Don Porter, who co-starred with actress Sally Field in the 1960's ABC sitcom series "Gidget" makes a guest appearance in his role as uncle Fremont on Three's Company.