Regal Beagle Lounge was the neigborhood meeting place for the roommates, The Ropers and then Mr. Furley.

The Regal Beagle pub was the local neighborhood hangout where the roommates usually relaxed and had some mixed drinks or a beer and a sandwich with each other, met each other, and their dates. Its main entrance, near where the main bar was located, contained one of three main sets: the roommates' apartment (#201), their landlord's apartment and the The Regal Beagle. Itself, all which were set minutes from the beach in Santa Monica, CA. In later seasons, the pub was used less and less frequently, with more scenes being shot at Larry's apartment, Angelino's Restaurant, Jack's Bistro, Santa Monica Community Hospital, the hospital where Terri worked, and the Arcade Flower Shop, where Janet is employed during the series.

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