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The Love Diary is the third episode of Season 3 of Three's Company, and the thirty-fourth overall episode of the series. Directed by Dave Powers and co-written by Gary Belkin and Deborah Hwang-Marriott, it first aired 26 September 1978 on ABC.


Chrissy is hired to type up a diary written by a mystery person named Wanda X, which contains several steamy entries. Jack and Janet read it and they are shocked with its rather X-rated stories of Wanda's affairs with various men. Unfortunately, Mr. Roper sees the diary and becomes convinced that Chrissy is enamored of him. 


  • Jack: My Diary, by Wanda X.
    Chrissy: Yeah. I wonder what the X stands for.
    Jack: MMMMM, Chrissy, have you read this? X isn't a name, it's a rating!
  • Chrissy: You talk and I'll type.
    Jack: Ok. January 1st. My eyes opened to the dawn of a new year. I looked over and saw Julian's sleeping form. Something stirred within me, some deep primitive lust. I reached over, touched Julian's shoulder and... [stops reading and eyes widen in disbelief]
    Chrissy: Jack...
    Jack: Shhh!
    Chrissy: What happens when she touched Julian's shoulder?
    Jack: Everything. Here, read this entry here.
    Chrissy: [reads it in increasing disbelief] Did you see what she did on Washington's birthday?
    Jack: Yeah, I'll bet old George didn't even do that on his honeymoon.