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The Bake-Off is the nineteenth episode of season three of Three's Company, and the 50th overall episode of the series. Directed by Dave Powers and written by Jerry Kenion with teleplay by George Burditt and Paul Wayne, it first aired 27 February 1979 on ABC.


Jack enters a championship bake-off. His contribution to the proceedings is a pie. No, not just a pie, but a creamy, scrumptious chocolate-mousse pie that takes him a great deal of time to assemble. Chrissy finds the pie in the refrigerator and eats every bit of it. Janet tells her it was for the competition, and they hurry to Hoffmeier's Bakery to get a replacement.

Mr. Hoffmeier, owner of the bakery, happens to be one of the judges. When Jack learns that Chrissy accidentally ate his pie, and replaced it with Hoffmeier's, he desperately pleads with Dean Travers to withdraw his pie. The Dean, anxious to finally have a winner from his cooking school and win a big trophy, refuses.

What then ensues is perhaps one of the funniest moments of the series as a hilarious classic pie-fight takes place, with everyone getting hit, and with the Dean exclaiming "I came here to win that trophy, and I want it!" as he then gets it, hit with pies from all sides. Chrissy, not wanting to be left out, pies herself in the face!