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Terri Alden
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Nurse Terri Alden moves into the apartment in Season 6 of Three's Company, fast becoming friends with Janet, whom she met at the hospital where she works, and where Jack butts heads with her first as a difficult patient.
Personal Information
Title: Terri Alden, RN
Gender: Female
Registered Nurse
Domestic partner(s): David (old boyfriend, only referred to in an episode)
Related to: Samantha Alden (sister)
Mr. Alden (father)
Mrs. Alden (mother)
Hometown Longfellow, Massachusetts, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: First/Last appearances on Three's Company:
First appears in "Jack Bares All: Part 1 / Jack Bares All: Part 2" in Season 6
Last appears in "Friends and Lovers: Part 1 / Friends and Lovers: Part 2" in Season 8, the series finale
70 episode appearances over 3 seasons
Character played by: Priscilla Barnes
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Terri Alden became the new third roommate of Jack Tripper and Janet Wood in Season 6 of Three's Company, replacing recently moved out roommate Cindy Snow. The part of Terri is played by Priscilla Barnes.

About Terri

Born in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.[1] She is played by Priscilla Barnes and is the third "token blonde" on the show (Suzanne Somers and Jenilee Harrison having preceded her); however, she works as a registered nurse and is portrayed as far less "ditzy" than her predecessors.[2][3] She is written into the story as being Janet and Jack's new roommate.[4]

Although Jack originally disliked Terri, owing to a disastrous first meeting at the hospital when she administered an injection into his behind, he forgave her and soon the two became close friends.


In response to complaints about the characterization of blondes on the show, the writers portrayed Terri as a "smart blonde", and a "woman with brains", electing to steer away from the ditziness of Chrissy Snow and the clumsiness of Cindy Snow, Terri's blonde roommate predecessors. A dedicated professional at work, Terri is more relaxed when out of uniform.