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Stanley Roper
Stanley Roper was the original owner/landlord of the Hacienda Palms Apts. in Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Rental property owner/landlord
Spouse(s): Helen Roper
Related to: Karen (niece, appears once on Three's Company)
Theodore Morgan(Uncle)(deceased)
Bert (Uncle)
Character information
Episodes appeared in: Appeared in 56 episodes in 3 seasons of Three's Company
Appeared in 28 episodes in 1 1/2 seasons of The Ropers
Character played by: Norman Fell
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Stanley Roper was the landlord and original owner of the Hacienda Palms Apartments in the ABC sitcom series Three's Company who also appeared, along with wife Helen in the ABC spinoff The Ropers. He was played by Norman Fell

About Stanley

Stanley Roper owns and manages the apartment building in Santa Monica that is home to Jack Tripper, Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow. He has a love-hate relationship with his wife, Helen. Although they care deeply for each other, Helen and Stanley regularly bicker and engage in one-upmanship, with Helen usually the intellectual victor. A significant amount of their tension is due to Helen's regular desire for romance with Stanley, while Stanley, is either clueless, distracted by concerns over repairs around the apartment, money (particularly the tenants rent being overdue), tenants' complaints, or simply indifferent and uninterested. He usually uses the term "Not tonight Helen, I got a headache."

Stanley is generally friendly towards the roommates but can become very angry if the rent is late. He is also not above exploiting his tenants' fear of raised rents by threatening to do such after getting summoned to get repairs and other maintenance jobs done. He is led to believe, with the help of wife Helen, that Jack is homosexual to bypass any objections he might have to a man living with two women. He does not appear to hate Jack or homosexuals in general, but he does see Jack's supposed homosexuality as "not normal" and as a source of amusement and makes several jokes at his expense.

When he got drunk at Jack's party, he claimed not to know all the words to any songs but "I'm a Little Teapot".[1] However, he brags about singing, then sings several songs when he and Helen have a Christmas party for the kids.[2]

Stanley is extremely cheap; the roommates call him 'the cheapest man alive' and very much "penny wise, pound foolish".[3] He drives a run-down 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air, which he attempted to sell to the roommates, but reneged when he learned he could get a lot more money for it from another buyer (who thought it was the classic and far more valuable 1957 model). After the intended buyer learned it was actually a 1958 model, he offered to tow it away if Roper paid him twenty-five dollars.

After Mr. Roper sold the building[4] to Bart Furley, Bart's brother Ralph Furley took over as landlord.[5]

Stanley and Helen move to Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, California, and live next door to snobby real estate agent, Jeffrey P. Brookes III (who eventually sells them their condo).

Stanley intensely dislikes Jeffrey and the feeling is mutual. When Stanley and Helen were investigating buying the condo, Jeffrey's son David came in and explained to Stanley that if his father didn't like Stanley and Helen, he would never let them move in. When Jeffrey arrived for the showing, Stanley begins telling an invented story that this house was perfect for his "drums" and "wild parties". Very quickly, Stanley and Helen are thrown out of the building by Jeffrey, but with much prompting from Helen, soon came back to get another look at it. Jeffrey puts a phony "sold" sign in front of the house to deter them. Stanley conceals his joy, but for Helen's sake he feigns sadness, saying "I would buy it this in an instant if it wasn't sold!" Seeing through Stanley's ploy, Jeffrey tells them that the house isn't sold and Stanley is stuck buying it.

Stanley and Helen celebrate their twenty-third anniversary in the condo.[6]