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Three's Company: Season 7
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Program information
Episodes aired:
Dates aired:
September 28, 1981 - May 10, 1983
ABC-TV / United States
Previous Season: Season 6
Next Season: Season 8

This guide lists all of the aired episodes of the seventh season of ABC-TV's Three's Company.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD set

release date

Season premiere Season finale
1 6 March 15, 1977 April 21, 1977 November 11, 2003
2 25 September 13, 1977 May 16, 1978 May 4, 2004
3 22 September 12, 1978 May 8, 1979 November 2, 2004
4 25 September 11, 1979 May 6, 1980 May 3, 2005
5 22 October 28, 1980 May 19, 1981 November 15, 2005
6 28 October 6, 1981 May 18, 1982 March 7, 2006
7 22 September 28, 1982 May 10, 1983 July 25, 2006
8 22 September 27, 1983 September 18, 1984 October 3, 2006

Season 7 (1982-83)

Season 7 episodes
No. Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate Prod. code
129 1 "A Night Not to Remember" Dave Powers George Burditt,

Budd Grossman

September 28, 1982 0705
Janet's dinner date with an important, but lecherous man from the home office turns into a disaster when her "chaperone," Jack, gets drunk and falls asleep in her bed. 
130 2 "Jack Goes to the Dentist" Dave Powers George Burditt,

Budd Grossman

October 12, 1982 0701
When Terri breaks up with her ill-tempered boyfriend, he believes that Jack is the cause. 
131 3 "Diamond Jack" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas October 19, 1982 0702
Larry arranges a blind date for Jack — with a jewel thief who mistakes him for a fence. 
132 4 "Extra, Extra" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas October 26, 1982 0704
Janet's date, a newspaper writer, offers to do a column on the trio's methods of coping with inflation. The published article, however, insinuates that their living arrangement is more intimate than practical.

Note: This episode marks the last reference to Chrissy Snow. 

133 5 "Jack Gets His" Dave Powers Martin Rips,

Joseph Staretski

November 9, 1982 0703
Jack is conned into renting a small restaurant - only to discover that it's a run-down disaster. 
134 6 "Opening Night" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman November 16, 1982 0706
Larry, who put the wrong date on the flyers announcing the opening of "Jack's Bistro," manages to "save" the day by inviting his Greek relatives. 
135 7 "Cousin, Cuisine" Dave Powers Martin Rips,

Joseph Staretski

November 23, 1982 0707
Jack's attempted romance with Felipe's beautiful cousin, Maria, is plagued by many problems. 
136 8 "An Affair to Forget" Dave Powers Michael Weinberger November 30, 1982 0709
Janet is happy that her old friend, Randy, is dating Jack, until she discovers that Randy is married. 
137 9 "The Brunch" Dave Powers George Burditt,

Budd Grossman

December 7, 1982 0708
Jack hosts a Sunday brunch to convince the Reverend Gilmore that the Bistro is a respectable establishment. He succeeds until the newlywed couple at the next table begin their honeymoon. 
138 10 "The Impossible Dream" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman December 14, 1982 0710
Jack is grateful for Larry's suggestion of a free guitarist as a business boost, until he finds out his new vocalist is Larry. 
139 11 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas January 3, 1983 0711
Furley discovers that the nice young man that Janet and Jack have fixed Terri up with is a convicted murderer. 
140 12 "Larry's Sister" Dave Powers Paul Wayne January 11, 1983 0714
Larry completely trusts Jack to show his teenage sister around town, until he discovers that they are still out at 2 A.M. 
141 13 "Bob and Carol & Larry and Terri" Dave Powers Martin Rips,

Joseph Staretski

January 18, 1983 0713
By the time an innocent story is retold through several people, the trio believes Bob and Carol's marriage is on the rocks. Larry and Terri try to straighten things out with the couple, only to be "caught" by Mr. Furley. 
142 14 "Going to Pot" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman February 1, 1983 0712
When the Bistro's building inspector demands a bribe from Jack, Janet suggests that they tape the next conversation for evidence. The recording the police hear, however, is of Furley telling Jack he has the pot he wanted. 
143 15 "Star Struck" Dave Powers Lewis Colick February 15, 1983 0716
Terri is making plans for her wedding to a soap opera star, until Jack discovers that his sleazy reputation is well earned. 
144 16 "Jack Goes the Distance" Dave Powers David Mirkin February 22, 1983 0717
Jack challenges a guy who has insulted Furley to a boxing match. His opponent, the girls learn, is a Golden Glove contender with 22 knockouts. 
145 17 "Jack's Double Date" Dave Powers Budd Grossman March 1, 1983 0715
Furley helps Jack lose his "I can stay away from women for a week" bet with the girls. 
146 18 "Janet's Little Helper" Dave Powers David Mirkin March 15, 1983 0719
Jack and Terri believe that Janet is trying to seduce Furley's shy nephew. 
147 19 "The Apartment" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman March 22, 1983 0718
Instead of catching sleep in the dingy apartment above his restaurant, Jack catches Mr. Angelino with a young woman. 
148 20 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman April 5, 1983 0720
Terri falls for Jack when he buys a moustache, which makes him look like her old boyfriend. 
149 21 "Navy Blues" Dave Powers Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski May 3, 1983 0721
A former cook in the Navy with Jack comes to town to con his way into a partnership in Jack's Bistro. 
150 22 "Borrowing Trouble" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas May 10, 1983 0722
The girls fake a contest to give Jack the rent money he needs for Jack's Bistro. Their good deed turns to disaster when Jacks spends the money on a leather coat.