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Three's Company: Season 6
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6 October 1981 - 18 May 1982
ABC / United States
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This page lists all of the episodes aired during the fifth season of the popular ABC sitcom series Three's Company.

Series Overview

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1 6 15 March 1977 21 April 1977 11 November 2003
2 25 13 September 1977 16 May 1978 4 May 2004
3 22 12 September 1978 8 May 1979 2 November 2004
4 25 11 September 1979 6 May 1980 3 May 2005
5 22 28 October 1980 19 May 1981 15 November 2005
6 28 6 October 1981 18 May 1982 7 March 2006
7 22 28 September 1982 10 May 1983 25 July 2006
8 22 27 September 1983 18 September 1984 3 October 2006

Season Summary

Since the departure of Suzanne Somers from the series cast towards the end of the previous season, producers had been looking for another cast member and new roommate to best compliment the talents of John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt; although they had cast Jenilee Harrison into the part of Cindy Snow, Chrissy's cousin, and also though the show was still in the top five in the Nielsen ratings, the chemistry, as seen by the producers, was just not quite there between the clumsy Cindy and the now often-suffering Jack, whose pratfalls always seemed to be used as the punch line, the victim of mistake prone Cindy's misgivings, always having a revolving kitchen door strike him in the face as she absent-mindedly barged through it.

The show's producers felt the show needed another roommate as a proper balance between the characters that could still be funny enough to serve the comedy in the storyline; then they found it in actress/model Priscilla Barnes, who had previously appeared in guest spots on such ABC shows such as Fantasy Island and Love Boat, and also as a regular on the short-lived CBS nighttime soap opera/drama series All-American Girls.

Priscilla would assume the role of Nurse Terri Alden, who unlike the clumsy Cindy, and the progression somewhat naive, ditsy characterization the Chrissy Snow character had taken with Suzanne Somers in the part, Terri was a smart, assertive professional, a nurse who could hold her own with the sleazy guy types, such as Larry and still exude sexiness with a heart of gold.

The introduction of Priscilla as Terri Alden began in a two-part episode Terri Makes Her Move at the beginning of season 6; Jenilee, whose character, Cindy, was headed off to college (UCLA) would remain with the cast, making sporadic appearances throughout the season.


  • No. = Overall episode number
  • Ep = Episode number within the season
  • PC = Production code number

Season 6 (1981-82)

Season 6 episodes
No. Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate Prod. code
101 1 "Jack Bares All: Part 1" Dave Powers Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski 6 October 1981 0601
Jack is preparing for Cindy's farewell party when Jack is called to Angelino's Restaurant when Janet goes out to look for a roommate. Felipe is annoying him and he cuts his finger. He goes to the hospital to get it checked out. Felipe scares him into rushing into the emergency room out of turn with a story of his cousin's infection. Terri, the nurse, refuses to serve him ahead of turn and he gets upset. While she is taking care of another patient the doctor is bandaging Jack's cut while he is complaining about how cold Terri is. She then tells him he needs a tetanus shot. After struggling for awhile she gives him the shot and he goes back to the restaurant. Janet, who had come to the hospital thinking he was more hurt then starts to talk to Terri when they decide she will be the new roommate. When Janet breaks the news to Jack later that day he is not pleased.

Note: This episode marks the series debut of Priscilla Barnes in the role of nurse Terri Alden, the last person to fill the so-called "third roommate" spot. It also originally aired as the first part of an hour-long episode that was split into two parts for syndication. 

102 2 "Jack Bares All: Part 2" Dave Powers Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski 6 October 1981 0602
Terri tries to get on Jack's good side by flirting with him but insults male cooks which offend him even more. Furley tells her that Jack is gay and she further upsets him apologizing when she thinks he is gay. Larry (so his girlfriend can move in) and Jack want Terri out. They devise a plan to humiliate her during Cindy's party. After looking like a jerk Jack realizes he has made a mistake and apologizes to Terri and tells her she can move in.

Note: This episode originally aired as the second part of an hour-long episode that was split into two parts for syndication. 

103 3 "Terri Makes Her Move" Dave Powers          Ellen Guylas 13 October 1981 0603
To boost Jack's confidence, Terri turns on the charm, causing Janet to suspect that her new roommate's interest in Jack is more than platonic. 
104 4 "Professor Jack" Dave Powers Laura Levine 27 October 1981 0604
Terri thinks an attractive older woman's visits to Jack are weekly lessons in lovemaking and, in disgust, decides to move out. 
105 5 "Some of That Jazz" Dave Powers Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski 3 November 1981 0608
Terri and Jack believe that Janet will have to make it with her dance instructor if she wants to make it as a dancer. 
106     6 "Lies My Roommate Told Me" Dave Powers George Burditt               10 November 1981     0607
Jack breaks a date with Janet to coach a nervous Larry, who's hoping to romance Terri with smooth conversation. 
107 7 "Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman 17 November 1981 0606
Jack and Janet mistake Terri's psychiatrist friend (Jeffrey Tambor) for a patient from a hospital psychiatric ward. 
108 8 "Eyewitness Blues" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser, Kim Weiskopf 24 November 1981 0605
A plainclothes cop moves in to protect Jack whose life is in danger after witnessing an armed robbery at the flower shop. 
109 9 "Boy Meets Dummy" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas 1 December 1981 0610
Jack must come up with a "wife" to persuade his boss's man-hungry daughter that he's not available. 
110 10 "Dates of Wrath" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas 8 December 1981 0609
Janet fumes when she inadvertently fixes up Terri with a guy she wanted to date herself. 
111 11 "Macho Man" Dave Powers John Boni 15 December 1981 0611
After seeing Terri dispatch a masher at the Regal Beagle with her karate skills, Jack asks Terri to teach him karate, but ends up arrested when he uses his karate on a police officer he mistakes for a burglar. 
112 12 "Strangers in the Night" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman 5 January 1982 0612
Jack concocts a plan to regain the favor of an attractive Southern Belle he insulted on a date. 
113 13 "The Matchbreakers" Dave Powers Bryan Joseph 12 January 1982 0613
The roommates are worried that the woman with whom Mr. Furley has fallen in love is a golddigger out to take Furley for all he's worth. Her only interest in Furley is buying the building she believes he owns so she can sub-divide it into condominiums. 
114 14 "Oh, Nun" Dave Powers Calvin Kelly 19 January 1982 0614
Jack panics when he suspects Terri's friend wants to give up her life as a nun to marry him. 
115 15 "Maid to Order" Dave Powers Laura Levine 26 January 1982 0615
The trio reluctantly take on former roommate Cindy as their cleaning woman. 
116 16 "Hearts and Flowers" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas 2 February 1982 0617
A faultfinding efficiency expert drives Janet to quit her job at the flower shop. 
117 17 "Urban Plowboy" Dave Powers Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski 9 February 1982 0618
To avoid a woman's angry boyfriend, Jack joins his roommates for a weekend on a farm owned by Cindy's Aunt Becky
  • Note: Sue Ann Langdon guest stars as Cindy's Aunt Becky.
118 18 "A Friend in Need" Dave Powers James Ritz 16 February 1982 0616
Jack subs for the chef at Angelino's Restaurant, where a mobster is so impressed with the bill of fare that he insists Jack be made permanent chef. 
119 19 "Jack's 10" Dave Powers Ken Hecht 23 February 1982 0620
Jack adopts a new image and changes his career plans to please an affluent woman who'd like to marry him. 
120 20 "Doctor in the House" Dave Powers John Boni 2 March 1982 0621
Jack pretends he's a doctor to impress his visiting grandfather, who's eager to observe Jack's hospital practice. 
121 21 "Critic's Choice" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman 9 March 1982 0619
Jack challenges Jason DeFarge, a famous food critic (Jay Garner) to sample his cuisine, aiming for a favorable review in his newspaper column. 
122 22 "Paradise Lost" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman 16 March 1982 0622
Terri presents Jack and Janet with the opportunity to rent a huge house, at the same rate they pay for the apartment, from a doctor who is going out of the country for two years. Larry and Mr. Furley, not wanting to lose their best (and only) friends, plot to make them want to stay. 
123 23 "And Now Here's Jack" Dave Powers Hank Bradford, Martin Rips & Joseph Staretski 23 March 1982 0624
Jack gets the opportunity to do a cooking demonstration on T.V. and recruits Janet & Terri to assist him. After the director changes the setup of the kitchen set (and displaces Jack's discreetly-placed note cards), the demonstration turns into a comedy of errors before the cameras. 
124 24 "Janet Wigs Out" Dave Powers Budd Grossman 6 April 1982 0626
Janet starts wearing a blonde wig in an attempt to boost her confidence. Her new condescending attitude alienates her friendships, as well as spoiling an opportunity to get closer to a nice guy she meets at the Regal Beagle.

125 25 "Up in the Air" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman 4 May 1982 0623
Jack agrees to be Janet's date at a stuffy, formal party. After taking an invigorating drink, he becomes the life of the party, embarrassing Janet and causing a shambles. 

126 26 "Mate For Each Other" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas 11 May 1982 0625
Jack and Janet meet with friends, a couple who were paired together by a computer dating service. Initially dismissive of the idea, Jack decides to try out the service secretly. When Jack arrives at the designated meeting place, he is shocked to discover he has been paired up with an equally secretive Janet. 
127 27 "The Best of Three's Company: Part 1" Dave Powers George Burdett, Michael Ross & Bernie West 18 May 1982 0627
Lucille Ball hosts a one-hour retrospective looking back at the previous six seasons of the series. Part one includes Jack's arrival in the apartment and how the roommates have adapted to one another.
  • Note: This episode originally aired as a one-hour special that was split into two parts for syndication. 
128 28 "The Best of Three's Company: Part 2" Dave Powers George Burditt, Michael Ross & Bernie West 18 May 1982 0628
Part two of a one-hour retrospective hosted by Lucille Ball. Part two highlights John Ritter's physical comedy and how the show's comedy relies on the classic sitcom misunderstanding. John Ritter also makes a brief appearance with Lucy.