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Three's Company: Season 3
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September 12, 1978 - May 8, 1979
ABC-TV / United States
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This page lists all of the episodes aired during the third season of the popular ABC-TV sitcom series Three's Company, which ran on the network from 1977 to 1984.

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Season Episodes Originally aired DVD set

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Season premiere Season finale
1 6 March 15, 1977 April 21, 1977 November 11, 2003
2 25 September 13, 1977 May 16, 1978 May 4, 2004
3 22 September 12, 1978 May 8, 1979 November 2, 2004
4 25 September 11, 1979 May 6, 1980 May 3, 2005
5 22 October 28, 1980 May 19, 1981 November 15, 2005
6 28 October 6, 1981 May 18, 1982 March 7, 2006
7 22 September 28, 1982 May 10, 1983 July 25, 2006
8 22 September 27, 1983 September 18, 1984 October 3, 2006


  • No. = Overall episode number
  • Ep = Episode number within the season
  • Prod, Code = Production code number

Season 3 (1978-79)

Season 3 episodes
No. in series Ep.# in season Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate Prod. Code
32 1 "Double Date" Dave Powers Bob Baublitz September 12, 1978 0302
Jack discovers he has made dates with his current girlfriend, Linda, and a new girl, Samantha, on the same evening. He feigns a bad cold (with Larry's help) to cancel the date with Linda to order to keep the date with Samantha. Meanwhile, Mr Roper is convinced he has caught Jack's "illness". 
33 2 "Good Old Reliable Janet" Dave Powers John Baskin & Roger Shulman September 19, 1978 0301
Janet and Mrs. Roper take part in a nude protest at the beach, after they feel put upon by Jack & Chrissy and Mr. Roper, respectively. However, the situation turns sticky when they are forced to run home without their clothes. 
34 3 "The Love Diary" Dave Powers Gary Belkin,

Deborah Hwang-Marriott

September 26, 1978 0304
Chrissy is hired to type up a diary belonging to a mystery person named Wanda X, which contains several steamy entries. Mr. Roper sees the diary and becomes convinced that Chrissy is enamored of him. 
35 4 "The Fast" Dave Powers Al Gordon,

Richard Christian Matheson, Jack Mendelsohn, Thomas E. Szollosi

October 3, 1978 0305
Janet wagers with Jack and Chrissy as to which one can go longest without their vice: women for Jack and snacking for Chrissy. At first it seems that Jack may clinch the contest, but Janet has an ace up her sleeve; Jack's girlfriend is in town, waiting for him in her hotel room. 
36 5 "Helen's Rendezvous" Dave Powers Jim Rogers October 10, 1978 0306
Mr. Roper has a falling-out with his friend, Jerry. In an effort to patch things up, Mrs. Roper meets with Jerry. However, Jack and Chrissy discover them, and are convinced Mrs. Roper is having an affair. This despite the fact that Mrs. Roper personally can't stand Jerry, who thinks she is interested in a fling. 
37 6 "My Sister's Keeper" Dave Powers George Burditt, Franelle Silver & Paul Wayne October 17, 1978 0307
Janet's college-age sister, Jenny, comes to town and Jack offers to show her around. Despite Janet's concerns, Jack is a complete gentleman. However, things take a turn when Jack, having been relocated to the couch rather than his own bedroom, takes some medication before sleeping and winds up back in his own bed with Jenny. 
38 7 "Chrissy and the Guru" Dave Powers George Burditt, Vicki King & Paul Wayne October 24, 1978 0303
Jack and Janet grow concerned when Chrissy falls under the spell of Rama Mageesh, a shady guru who seems more interested in Chrissy's more palpable attributes than in meditation. 
39 8 "Larry's Bride" Dave Powers Martin Roth October 31, 1978 0309
Larry brings his new fiancee Gloria to meet the roommates. Gloria makes a pass at Jack in the kitchen, and Janet & Chrissy accuse Jack of trying to steal her away from Larry, though he is innocent. In the end, Gloria leaves Larry when she discovers he is not the wealthy man she believed he was. 
40 9 "Chrissy's New Boss" Dave Powers Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn November 14, 1978 0308
Chrissy decides to be more assertive at work after being passed over for promotion. Her assertiveness lands her the position of secretary for J.C. Braddock, but the others fear that J.C. is only interested in Chrissy's physical attributes, especially as Chrissy is to accompany Braddock on a trip to Las Vegas. What they do not know is that J.C. Braddock is a woman. 
41 10 "The Crush" Dave Powers Al Gordon,

Jack Mendelsohn

November 21, 1978 0311
Janet and Chrissy angrily blame Jack for sending them on a wild goose chase to a nonexistent party, never dreaming that it is the Ropers' teenage houseguest who wants them out of the way so she can have Jack all to herself. 
42 11 "The Kleptomaniac" Dave Powers George Burditt, Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Paul Wayne & Bernie West November 28, 1978 0312
Jack and Janet are shocked as evidence mounts that Chrissy seems compelled to steal, not only from them but also from the Ropers. 
43 12 "The Party's Over" Dave Powers Don Nicholl, Michael Ross & Bernie West December 5, 1978 0310
Landlord Stanley Roper plays such a dirty trick on Jack, Janet and Chrissy that his wife walks out on him. 
44 13 "Eleanor's Return" Dave Powers John Baskin & Roger Shulman December 12, 1978 0313
Jack believes Janet and Chrissy are going to oust him from the apartment when their former roommate suddenly shows up. 
45 14 "The Older Woman" Dave Powers George Burditt & Paul Wayne January 16, 1979 0315
Janet and Chrissy think it's great when they learn that Jack is dating a "fantastic" older woman. 
46 15 "Stanley's Hotline" Dave Powers Sam Greenbaum January 30, 1979 0316
Chrissy is in hot water with landlord Stanley Roper when he eavesdrops and believes she is pregnant.

Note: Joyce DeWitt does not appear in this episode. The "third roommate" spot is filled by Jack's girlfriend, Linda, played by Anne Schedeen, the only time the spot is filled by a non-regular. 

47 16 "The Catered Affair" Dave Powers Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn February 6, 1979 0314
Chrissy nearly loses her job when Jack tries to save her from the lecherous advances of the firm's president. 
48 17 "The Best Laid Plans" Dave Powers John Baskin & Roger Shulman February 13, 1979 0318
When Janet is terrified by a mouse in their bedroom, Jack takes advantage of the situation by offering to move in with Chrissy until the rodent is captured. 
49 18 "The Harder They Fall" Dave Powers Al Gordon,

Jack Mendelsohn, Susan Sisko

February 20, 1979 0317
Janet invites an attractive man to the apartment expecting that they will be alone, but to her surprise, she finds Jack and Chrissy in the bedroom. 
50 19 "The Bake-Off" Dave Powers George Burditt, Jerry Kenion & Paul Wayne February 27, 1979 0322
Chrissy accidentally eats the pie that Jack was entering in a statewide baking competition and then tries to substitute a ringer from the bakery. 
51 20 "An Anniversary Surprise" Dave Powers John Baskin,

Roger Shulman

March 13, 1979 0320
The gang believes that Mr. Roper is having an affair. The "other woman" is actually a real estate agent (played by Ruta Lee) who is helping Mr. Roper sell the building and find a new home in Cheviot Hills.

Note: This episode marks the departure of the Ropers to their own self-titled spin-off, which its pilot premiered after this episode on the same night. 

52 21 "Jack Moves Out" Dave Powers Al Gordon,

Jack Mendelsohn

May 8, 1979 0321
Jack angrily leaves and becomes a live-in cook for Larry's boss and his passionate wife.

Note:Jordan Charney appears in the role of Larry's boss, Mr. Layton; he would return in Season 5 as Jack's boss, restaurateur Frank Angelino. 

53 22 "Triangle Troubles" Dave Powers Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn May 15, 1979 0319
Jack goes out with what he thinks is an "old-fashioned" girl, and doesn't want to tell her that he lives with two girls. What Jack doesn't know, and what the girl is reluctant to tell him, is that she lives with two other men.