Susan Blu Sandra
Sandra (Susan Blu) was a distraught and pregnant old flame of Larry's who, mistaking him for Jack, accuses him of impregnating her in the episode titled "Will the Real Jack Tripper..."
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Distraught and pregnant former girlfriend of Larry Dallas
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company appearance
Episodes appeared in: in Season 2 episode titled "Will The Real Jack Tripper..."
Character played by: Susan Blu
Three's Company Script

Sandra is a character in the Season 2 episode titled "Will The Real Jack Tripper...". She was played by actress Susan Blu.

About Sandra

Sandra was a distraught former girlfriend of Larry's. Larry lied to her about his identity, saying he was Jack. She later looked up Jack in the phone book and called to accuse him of getting her pregnant, which actually gets Jack in trouble with Mr. Roper, the roommates, and not to mention Sandra's father.