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Phillip Dawson
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Phillip Dawson is a fine arts dealer, who courts then weds Janet during the last four episodes of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Fine arts dealer/appraiser, and critic
Spouse(s): Janet Wood, whom he weds in the two-part episode, "Friends and Lovers"
Related to: Warren Davis (Uncle, deceased)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: last four episodes of series, "The Heiress (a.k.a. The Inheritance)"
"Cupid Works Overtime"
"Friends and Lovers", Parts 1 & 2
Character played by: David Ruprecht
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Phillip Dawson is a character in the last four episodes of Three's Company. He was played by actor, TV personality and game show host David Ruprecht.

About Phillip

He is a fine arts dealer, appraiser, and critic, and a nephew and heir to the estate of a Warren Davis, an eccentric rich tycoon who had recently died, who regularly visited the Arcade Flower Shop where Janet works, and who after time befriended her.

Upon meeting Phillip, Jack distrusted his motives; he believes that Phillip had designs on retrieving an imitation Chinese vase, which was only worth about $25, but which he thinks is worth much more. Phillip's uncle had bequeathed the vase to Janet in the reading of his will, at which Janet, Jack, Phillip and other relatives of the tycoon attended.

During a brief courtship, only the misunderstanding between Jack, Janet and Phillip is cleared, and after the imitation vase is accidentally broken, Janet and Phillip begin a quick whirlwind romance, and get married in the apartment, honeymoon in Mexico, and eventually start their married life together.