Mr. Canon
Mr Canon Threes Company
Mister Canon (Terry Kiser) after tasting Jack's overseasoned Linguine and Clams in the episode titled "A Friend in Need"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Notorious local area mob boss who is impressed by Jack's cooking at Angelino's Restaurant
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "A Friend in Need" in Season 6
Character played by: Terry Kiser
Three's Company Script

Mister Canon is a character in "A Friend in Need" in Season six. He was played by Terry Kiser, making his second and final appearance on Three's Company.

About Mr. Canon

He is a notorious, powerful local area mobster who visits Angelino's Restaurant. Mr. Angelino tries hard to impress him, if not out of anything else, out of fear for his life, not to mention the restaurant! Thus, he enlists Jack, who was originally supposed to fill in for Felipe, whose wife was expecting to soon give birth, as salad man, to prepare a dish of Linguine and Clams that Jack once prepared for him! But, fearing that Angelino's enlistment of him would undermine salad man Felipe, who was able to make it to work anyway, Jack winds up deliberately over seasoning the dish, which ironically, was just like Canon's "mama used to make it"