Terry Kiser Max
Max (Terry Kiser) was a crazy, hot-headed and jealous boyfriend of April, a girl who Jack meets at The Regal Beagle in an episode of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Hot-headed, jealous, crazy steady boyfriend of April
Nemesis to Jack Tripper, whom he threatens at The Regal Beagle
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Dying to Meet You" in Season 5
Character played by: Terry Kiser
Three's Company Script

Max is a character in the Three's Company episode titled "Dying to Meet You" in Season five. Max was played by veteran character Terry Kiser.

About Max

He was a hot-headed, jealous, crazy steady boyfriend of April, a buxom, redheaded, attractive one time date and black book contact of Jack's, who seeks to protect him from Max, who bullies and threatens Jack and Larry at The Regal Beagle.