Linda Jack
Linda (Anne Schedeen) at The Regal Beagle with Jack (John Ritter)
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
perhaps fellow cooking student; steady girlfriend of Jack Tripper
Also a friend to the other roomates, Janet and Chrissy
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in a recurring role
Episodes appeared in: appears in three episodes in 2nd season, 1978-79
Character played by: Anne Schedeen
Three's Company Script

Linda is a character in the second season of Three's Company. She was played by actress Anne Schedeen, who would appear in two other guest roles in the series, and later went on to co-star with actor Max Wright as Kate Tanner, wife of Max Tanner, opposite voice actor Paul Fusco who provided the voice of the puppeted alien Alf in the NBC-TV series ALF.

About Linda

Linda is the one-time steady girlfriend of Jack who also befriends Janet and Chrissy, even staying in the apartment temporarily while Janet was away taking a vacation.