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Larry Dallas
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Richard Kline played the part of Larry Dallas, a used car salesman friend of Jack in Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Greek-American
Height 5'11"
Hair Color: Black
Used car dealer
Related to: Diane Dalliapoulos (Sister)
Character information
Episodes appeared in: First/Last episode appearances:
"No Children, No Dogs" in Season 1 (Three's Company)
last appears in "Friends and Lovers: Part 2" (Three's Company)
guest appears in "Deeds of Trust" (Three's a Crowd)
Character played by: Richard Kline
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Larry Dallas is a character on Three's Company. He was portrayed by Richard Kline.

About Larry

Born Lawrence Dalliapoulos, he is a used car salesman, and is the best friend of Jack Tripper. Larry lives upstairs from Jack, Janet, and Chrissy/Cindy/Terri, and although he is Jack's best friend, Larry, who is a big womanizer, often lies about his identity, at times saying he's Jack Tripper, which often gets Jack and himself into tight spots with angry jealous boyfriends, and at one time a father, of some of the girls he dates. He also often lies about his vocation to impress girls, from being "Playboy's best photographer" to being a doctor, etc., though his actual vocation is selling cars. In one episode when being questioned by his landlord Mr. Roper, Larry mentioned that he served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years. Larry is of Greek descent, though this fact and his original last name are mentioned only in the episode where Jack opens Jack's Bistro, in which he explains that he shortened it to "Dallas" because he "couldn't spell" Dalliapoulos.

He later states that he had moved to Bakersfield due to downturns in the used car business. He didn't stay there long before moving back to L.A., living in a suite at the El Sombrero Hotel.[1]


Larry has the distinction of being the only other character besides Jack Tripper to appear in Three's Company and both of its spinoffs, The Ropers and Three's a Crowd.


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