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Janet Wood
Janet Wood 1982.png
Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) in the episode "Mate for Each Other" in Season 5 of Three's Company'
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Height 5'3"
Hair Color: Brunette
Body type: Petite figure/Perky
Florist at Arcade Flower Shop in Santa Monica, part-time Aerobics instructor
Spouse(s): Phillip Dawson, whom she meets, courts, and weds in Season 8
Related to: Roland Wood (father)
Ruth Wood (mother)
Jenny Wood (sister)
unnamed brother
Hometown Speedway, Indiana
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: First/Last episode appearances:
in "A Man About the House" and then "Friends and Lovers" on Three's Company
173 episodes in eight seasons
Character played by: Joyce DeWitt
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Janet Wood, later Janet Wood-Dawson, is the short, bubbly brunette roommate in Apt. 201 in Three's Company. She was played by Joyce DeWitt.

About Janet

Janet and her roommate Chrissy Snow shared an apartment in the Hacienda Palms Apartments in Santa Monica, and needed a third roommate to pay the rent after their old roommate, Eleanor, just had her baby and got married and then decided to move out. They found Jack Tripper sleeping in their shower after Eleanor's going-away party. Upon getting to know Jack, who was at the time staying at the local YMCA while in between residences, Janet and Chrissy asked him to be their new roommate. Their old-fashioned and curmudgeonly landlord, Stanley Roper, was not fond of the idea of a young man sharing an apartment with two young attractive women. However, Janet convinced Roper that Jack was gay to alleviate the landlord's concern about the living arrangement. Jack was allowed to move in under this guise.

Janet worked in and ultimately managed the Arcade Flower Shop. She is very fond of plants, which are seen throughout her apartment.

Janet is from Speedway, Indiana. She has a sister named Jenny and a brother whose name was never mentioned. She graduated from college, but her major was never revealed. She is the daughter of Ruth and Roland Wood. Janet states that her father is of Italian descent.[1] She speaks Italian, although not fluently.[2]

Janet is often depicted as the intelligent, "reliable" roommate as a counterpart to the more ditzy blondes Chrissy, Cindy and Terri, with early episodes focusing on her self-consciousness over being less endowed than her female roommates, or at being perceived as less spontaneous.

In the episode leading to the series finale of Three's Company, she meets Phillip Dawson, an art dealer/appraiser and nephew of eccentric tycoon Warren Davis, a recently deceased regular customer at the flower shop where Janet works who also befriended her, at a reading of Davis's will. In the series finale of Three's Company, she marries Phillip in the apartment with Jack, Terri, Mr. Furley and Larry, as well as other friends present. After Janet returns from her honeymoon, all three roommates (Terri, Jack, and Janet) leave the apartment to go their separate ways. Terri goes to Hawaii (but it doesn't mention the reason) and Jack moves in with Vicky Bradford above his bistro. One of Janet, Jack and Terri's friend is Larry Dallas who moves into a hotel suite (as mentioned in Three's a Crowd, Three's Company's spin-off) as the series ends.