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James Bradford
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Robert Mandan appears as James Bradford.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Wealthy Investment Banker
New co/owner of Jack's Bistro in last episode of Three's Company and in Three's a Crowd
Vicky Bradford's meddlesome father and Jack's nemesis and then new boss as owner of Jack's Bistro
Related to: Vicky Bradford (daughter)
Claudia Bradford (ex-wife)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Three's a Crowd
Episodes appeared in: Series appearances:
final 3 episodes of Three's Company (Season 8)
24 episodes of Three's a Crowd
Character played by: Robert Mandan
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James Bradford is a character in the final three episodes of Three's Company who spun off into Three's a Crowd. He was played by Robert Mandan.

About James

Jamer is a wealthy investment banker, and the overbearing, meddlesome father of Vicky Bradford, Jack's new steady live-in girlfriend.

In spite of James' spoiling of their initial dinner date at the bistro when he follows the two to Santa Monica from San Francisco, Jack and James's daughter Vicky quickly fall for each other, but James, determined to keep Vicki from dating Jack, perhaps out of fear it would end like his own failed marriage and bitter divorce from ex-wife Claudia, and having observed Vicky's past failed relationships, does not approve of the budding romance.

Perhaps to keep tabs on Vicky and Jack, whose motives he initially distrusts upon their first meeting in the "Friends and Lovers: Part 2" episode of Three's Company, the controlling and sometimes overbearing James, also being the meddling father that he is, purchases the land which Jack's Bistro stands on from Frank Angelino, becoming Jack's new business partner and landlord, as the new lovebirds Jack and Vicky moving into the room just above the restaurant.