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Jack Tripper, Sr.
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Jack's Dad (Dick Shawn) and Jack (John Ritter) in scene from the Three's Company Season 8 episode titled '"Like Father, Like Son".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Salesman/Sales executive
Related to: Mrs. Jack Tripper, Sr. (wife)
Jack Tripper (son)
Lee Tripper (son)
Fremont Tripper (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Character played by: Dick Shawn
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Jack Tripper, Sr. is a character in Three's Company, in the episode titled "Like Father, Like Son" in Season 8. He was played by Dick Shawn.

About Jack's father

He is the father of Jack Tripper, and husband of Mrs. Jack Tripper, Sr. Sort of an overprotective, but still loving and concerned sort, like his wife, Jack's father was "always there to catch his fly ball," as he once did while Jack played in a Little League baseball game, or to correct any mistakes Jack would make (such as, "Don't you think you put a little too much catsup on your burger?"). Coupled with this and embarrassing moments (as when he visits and makes him sing a song they sung together in a talent contest as a child. "Hosanna's a Funny Old Man!" in front of the roommates) from his childhood, always made him feel too sheltered and awkward. A shrewd salesman who, in the episode appearance, was just laid off of his job after many years, Jack Sr., has the innate ability to negotiate shrewdly to get his demands met.

He negotiates on behalf of Jack concerning the fate of Jack's Bistro, where he shrewdly deals with the profit greedy Mr. Angelino. Angelino, who owns the deed to the property it stands on, and also demanded 10% of any profits; in its first year, it had yet to show any profit, so Angelino was on the verge of closing Jack's Bistro and threatened to make it into a parking lot, before he grudgingly relented when Jack, with the somewhat concerned but meddling fast sales negotiation talk of his visiting retired salesman dad Jack, Sr. was able to coax the money-grubbing Angelino, who was also asking for as much as twenty percent of the profits, back to accepting only ten percent! 

Jack Sr. is able to land a new job as a "young sales executive" with experience with another big company.