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Jack's Navy Pal is the twentieth episode of season two of Three's Company, and the twenty-sixth overall episode of the series. Directed by Bill Hobin and co-written by George Burditt, Alan J. Levitt and Paul Wayne, it first aired 7 February 1978 on ABC.


The roommates plan a dinner for the Ropers but their evening is ruined when Jim Walsh, a bully that Jack knew in the Navy who is now blind, shows up and won't leave until Jack hits him to even an old score from when Jack was put in sickbay from receiving a punch from Jim, when he greeted him "Hello!"

When Jim spoils the dinner by breaking everything in the apartment and insulting everyone, the sentiment shifts to that of Mr. Roper, who implores Jack to "Hit him!" When Jack gets ready to hit him, he tells him he's going to throw a left cross, but with that, Jim is still able to block his punch and deck him again, before leaving the apartment smirking smugly and then chiming "Serves, ya right, trying to hit a blind man!"