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Helen's Job is the thirteenth episode of season two of Three's Company, and the 19th overall episode of the series. Co-written by George Burditt and Paul Wayne and directed by Bill Hobin, it first aired 13 December 1977 on ABC.


Janet and Chrissy get involved in a squabble between the Ropers over Helen's allowance, taking Helen's threat to get a job as a sign of feminist enlightenment. Despite Stanley's warning that she's forbidden to work, Helen takes a job Janet has arranged for her at a cafeteria.

Helen's first day of work turns out to be a disaster, and Janet and Chrissy are sorry they butt in, but Jack decides to take over and straighten things out. Jack then tells Roper that his wife loves her new job, and he had better beg her to come back home before it's too late.

Unfortunately, when Stanley comes to convince Mrs. Roper to give it up she lays it on a little too thick and tells Stanley she's s been given a raise. Money suddenly is more important to him than having a wife at home until Helen points out to him it will cost him more in expenses than she'll bring home.