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Cyrano De Tripper is the eighth episode of season two of Three's Company, and the fourteenth overall episode of the series. Directed by Bill Hobin and Michael Ross, it first aired 8 November 1977 on ABC.


Chrissy convinces Jack to secretly prepare dinner for her and her new boyfriend, gourmet chef Michael Winthrop whom she has told that she can cook. Burning up with jealousy, Jack bides out in the kitchen and listens to the boyfriend both praise and criticize his cooking, while also making advances to Chrissy. One criticism too many brings Jack stomping out of the kitchen, blowing the ruse and infuriating Chrissy.

Jack and Michael get into a heated argument until Michael reveals that he's friendly with one of the world's greatest chefs, and Jack suddenly looks on Michael with admiration. Meanwhile, Stanley Roper has been putting two and two together and has decided Jack's not gay. He storms down to the trio's apartment just in time to find Chrissy alone in the living room furious with Jack for stealing her boyfriend, and Jack and Michael huddled over the stove comparing notes.