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Cousin, Cuisine is the seventh episode of Season 7 of Three's Company, and the 135th overall episode of the series. Written by Martin Rips and Joseph Staretski and directed by Dave Powers, it first aired 23 November 1982 on ABC.


Jack does Felipe a favor by letting his beautiful cousin, Maria, who is visiting from Mexico, stay in the apartment. Jack has the idea of romancing her, but her inability to speak English coupled with the arrival of Janet and Terri prevent this. The trio learns that Maria's fiance broke their engagement at the last minute, and she has fled to America in hopes of beginning a new life.

However, having no money or a job, she will be forced to return, to Mexico. In order to help her stay in the country, Jack offers her a job in his restaurant, but she thinks he is proposing to her. A huge misunderstanding ensues. Finally, Felipe summons Maria's fiance in from Mexico. The whole mess is straightened out, as the couple gets back together, and Jack's neck, which was threatened by the angry boyfriend, is saved!