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Ben Baxter
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Ben Baxter, a dishonest classmate of Jack's, is played by Steve Vinovich.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Full name Benjamin Baxter, presumed
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Jack's Graduation", Season 4
Character played by: Steve Vinovich
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Ben Baxter is a character in Three's Company in the season 4 episode "Jack's Graduation". He was played by character actor Steve Vinovich.

About Ben

Ben is a fellow classmate and student at the culinary arts school which Jack Tripper also attended. He cheats on a final cooking exam by switching dishes with Jack, who was not looking because he was trying to untangle his apron from a fellow female student. Dean Travers fails Jack for the dish which dishonest Ben made and then switched. After getting him and then the Dean to both stop by the apartment, the roommates get the Dean, who was in the kitchen with Janet, to hear Ben, who thought he was there to meet Chrissy, admit that he switched dishes with Jack, and hear him call the Dean an "idiot windbag!" When he passes Jack and fails Ben, it shows that the Dean, even with his toughness and other character flaws, can still be of fair judgement.