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Anne Brookes
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Anne and Jeffrey Brookes discuss, rather, argue, about the Ropers moving into the condo next door to them on The Ropers pilot episode.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Jeffrey Brookes's long-suffering wife who becomes fast friends with Helen Roper
Spouse(s): Jeffrey P. Brookes III (husband)
Related to: David Brookes (son)
Character information
Appeared on: The Ropers
Episodes appeared in: 28, all in series
Character played by: Patricia McCormack
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Anne Brookes is a character in The Ropers. She was played by Patricia McCormack.

About Anne

Anne, a long-suffering, down-to-earth, stay-at-home housewife, looks after the house and their young son David She and Helen quickly become friends despite their husbands' frequently adversarial relationship with one another. Often serving as the voice of reason against husband Jeffrey's tight, stuffy, condescending ways, Anne is often able to get Jeffrey to cave in and give into her view towards many things which they often disagree (and sometimes argue) about, i.e., the Ropers renting of the next door condo, when she, who is often in the right, makes strong behests to him.