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Angelino's Restaurant was a luxurious Italian restaurant located in the Santa Monica area, which was owned by the miserly, penny-pinching Frank Angelino, who would interview Jack Tripper for the head chef job in season 5, hiring him, thinking that he was the famed chef David Miller in the episode titled "The Not-So-Great Imposter". Angelino would eventually hire Jack (as himself!) as the head chef in Season 6, much to the chagrin of salad man Felipe, who also coveted the open job.

Jack's hiring as head chef

Frank Angelino is the owner/proprietor of Angelino's Restaurant, and Jack's boss.

After all havoc breaks loose surrounding the life of Miller, whom Jack was impersonating to get the job, after visits from a bookie demanding money from Miller, an angry sister of a mistress of Miller, the cops, an angry husband of another mistress, not to mention Miller's own wife, who arrives at the restaurant with the cops to identify Miller, who was a past accquaintance of Mr. Angelino, who gets locked in the freezer accidentally along with Felipe by Mr. Furley, who arrived there with Janet to warn Jack of the bookie, the freezing Angelino, once released from the freezer by Jack, promptly fires him on the spot, and then thumbs through the list of resumes on his office desk, only to pick Jack's resume, exclaiming, "I'm through with crazy chefs! I know what I'll do... I'll just hire someone out a cooking school... Jack Tripper, that's it! I'll hire Jack Tripper!" Eventually, after giving Jack another chance (as himself), Angelino hires him permanently as the head chef at Angelinos.