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And Mother Makes Four is the second episode of Three's Company. Directed by Bill Hobin, it first aired 24 March 1977 on ABC.


While Jack Tripper is moving in to share the apartment with Janet and Chrissy, Mrs. Snow, Chrissy's mother, phones to announce that she will be there in moments. Chrissy, whose father is a minister, panics at the news that her mother is coming because she hasn't told her about the new living arrangements. Janet is elected to take Jack to the local pub and keep him there until Mrs. Snow departs. As the evening lengthens, Chrissy's mom decides to spend the night.


  •  This episode is a remake of the second pilot episode, which the new characters, Chrissy Snow who was originally portrayed by actress Susan Lanier, and Janet Wood, which also introduced Joyce DeWitt in the role, were introduced. 
  • The story, which was written by the production team of Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, and Bernie West, originally served as the second pilot episode idea for the series, in which the original pilot, that was produced by M*A*S*H series co-producer Larry Gelbart stuck more closely to the storyline and character names featured in the series' 1973-77 British TV counterpart, A Man About the House) before the NRW team took over production of the concept.