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Main Cast

This is the list of actors from the main cast of the Three's Company television series.

  • Don Knotts - joins the cast as Ralph Furley, the quirky new landlord in season 4, remaining with the series thru the rest of the show's duration (Season 8).

Supporting cast

  • Richard Kline - appears as Larry Dallas, used car salesman, an upstairs neighbor and best friend of Jack's through the duration of the series's run
  • Ann Wedgeworth - appears as Lana Shields, sexy forty-something neighbor of Jack, Janet and Chrissy in several episodes of season 4

Recurring cast members

  • Gino Conforti - played the part of Felipe Gómez, Jack's at-first jealous co-worker at Angelino's who later becomes a friend of Jack and the roommates, also works at Jack's Bistro, Jack's new restaurant who appears in seasons 6-7
  • William Pierson - Plays the part of Dean Travers, the dean at Jack's cooking school who appears sporadically in several episodes during seasons 1-6